District Trademark

Why We Specialize

All Trademarks, All Day (and loving it!)

District Trademark was founded with a focused practice area. At District Trademark, trademarks is all we do. We counsel clients on their brand and trademark strategy and represent them before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The majority of our legal services consist of trademark prosecution (working with clients to prepare for and apply for federal trademark registration). Generally speaking, when a client engages us for trademark prosecution, we conduct one or more in-depth searches of existing trademark rights in the U.S using industry-leading trademark search software. Based on the search results, we provide an in-depth analysis of our client’s proposed mark and work together to determine the best strategy for brand protection. For clients moving to federal registration, we provide guidance on the requirements of the trademark application, which is completed and filed entirely by the District Trademark team. Following application, we monitor the review process at the U.S. PTO and will correspond with the PTO attorneys on our clients’ behalf, working to guide their application through to registration. Over the course of our representation, we may provide our clients with legal guidance and strategy on all things trademark, including alternatives to U.S. PTO registration, social media branding, and cannabis-specific concerns. Specializing our legal practice provides important advantages to our clients. Our clients get the benefit of attorneys who live and breathe trademarks. The District Trademark team consists of senior attorneys who, when able to choose from any number of directions to take their legal careers, found trademarks practice to be the most exciting and interesting. Our narrow focus allows us to spend time on the nuances of trademark law. We are passionate about what we do, and we believe it shows in the depth of knowledge and sophistication we bring to our legal work. Narrowing our focus also allows District Trademark to manage a national trademark law practice. We are able to represent clients before the U.S. PTO no matter where they are based, so long as they are using their brand in interstate commerce in the United States. Our firm is virtual, nimble and modern, allowing us to serve clients across markets. We forge relationships with companies because we can meet them where they are. Perhaps the most important benefit of our focused practice is the exceptional value District Trademark is able to offer our clients. Our firm’s mission is to make effective trademark counsel accessible to a wide range of businesses, from startups to established companies. We have committed to providing the bulk of our legal services on a flat-fee basis, with clear parameters to all of our flat-fee packages. Because all we do is trademarks, we are able to streamline our processes, and the efficiencies we capture are passed on to our clients. We are thrilled to help our clients legal protect their brands. To get in touch, contact us though our website at district-trademark.com, or email us at hello@district-trademark.com.