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Our Process

We value the same things our clients value:

efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and business-centered solutions.

Our founders have more than 30 years of combined legal experience, helping clients of all sizes in a diverse array of industries and at all stages of growth. We have developed a straightforward process to guide clients from trademark selection to registration with confidence.

We strive to make our process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Let’s Meet

We offer complimentary 20-minute virtual consultations with one of our trademark attorneys. This virtual meeting will give us the chance to explain what we do, and to get a better understanding of what you need. To schedule a meeting, click here to fill out an intake form and pick a time to meet.


If District Trademark is the right fit for your brand protection strategy, we will provide you with a flat fee proposal for our legal services. The next step is to sign our engagement letter and get started!

Follow Our Lead

Our clients hire us because we have the breadth and depth of experience to guide them through the trademark registration process in a timely and cost-effective manner. Missteps in the prosecution process can cause delays, and result in an office action, or even a final refusal. Our attorneys know what the USPTO looks for, and we can make sure your trademark application has the highest chance of success for registration.

Our Services


Provide counsel regarding development of a brand/trademark (name, messaging, imagery), for goods or services; provide advisory letter with specific recommendations or concerns. Basic USPTO “knockout” search for confusingly similar marks is included.


Secure federal trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO):

  • CONSULTATION: Review materials submitted, one consultation (up to 1 hour), questions and comments prior to clearance.
  • CLEARANCE: Identify potential conflicts and competing trademarks with a thorough trademark clearance search; provide advisory letter with summary of findings and recommendations.
  • APPLICATION: Prepare and file application, including selection of appropriate USPTO process and international class designations, preparation of goods and services descriptions, and presentation of appropriate use specimens.
  • PROSECUTION: Serve as official attorney-of-record to maintain and handle all documentation and communication for trademark registration process. Respond to minor, non-substantive communications and office actions issued by the USPTO.


Provide counsel on USPTO requirements for maintaining a registration, keep track of maintenance filing deadlines, and file registration maintenance documents with the USPTO on a timely basis.
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Flat Fee Packages

At District Trademark, we offer custom, project-based flat fee packages so that we can help our clients achieve legal trademark protection at an excellent value. We charge flat fees based on each client’s particular needs. Some clients may want branding strategy help. Others come to us with a trademark already vetted and ready for the application process. We have competitive flat fee pricing to meet our clients where they are – and we strive for transparency at every stage.

Trademark FAQs

What is a trademark?

A trademark refers to the identifying aspects of your brand. These may include your brand name, slogan, tagline, logo, or other design elements. A trademark identifies your goods or services, and distinguishes you from your competitors.

What are the benefits of federal trademark registration?

A business has rights in its trademark once it begins using the trademark on goods and services in the marketplace. However, these common law rights are limited, particularly in geographic scope. If you want stronger legal protection and nationwide rights in your trademark, you need to apply for U.S. federal trademark registration. Registering your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an option for all businesses participating in U.S. commerce. Federal registration provides some important benefits:

  • Puts the public on notice that you are the owner of your trademark;
  • Allows you to build your reputation and consumer goodwill on solid legal foundation;
  • Protects against other companies’ use of the same or confusingly similar trademarks;
  • Creates standing to enforce your rights as owner of your trademark.

I hear the process can take a lot of time as of late. How can I speed it up?

Based on the influx of trademark applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it can take more than six months for an application to even be assigned to a USPTO examining attorney. Insufficient detail or other errors in your trademark application can cause further delays or even a refusal. Our seasoned attorneys know what the USPTO looks for, and we can make sure your application has the highest chance of success for swift approval and, ultimately, successful registration.

Where do I get started?

District Trademark offers a complimentary 20-minute consultation with one of our attorneys so you can discuss your needs and we can determine how we can be of assistance. Just click here to schedule.

Someone has a company name like mine already. Can I still use mine?

It depends on whether it would it cause consumers to be confused. The use of similar trademarks might be okay if the companies using them are in different industries and use the marks on different goods or services. District Trademark can help you mitigate the possibility of trademark infringement by conducting detailed trademark searches and providing thorough legal analysis of the search results.

At District Trademark, we provide our clients with sophisticated counsel, unparalleled responsiveness, and creative solutions for their brand protection needs, all at an excellent value.